Sunday, April 3, 2011

So why 98%??

I have been following style blogs lately and decided to start my own. In approximately less than 2 months I will be an official stay-at-home mommy.... I can see a future of VERY minimal shopping (sad face here) and so as early as now I am already TRYING to sober up.

So why just 98%?? Because there is no woman on earth who doesn't shop! That's why! So, that remaining 2% will be looking for good deals... and by good deals I mean $20 or less. And not 10 items worth $20 each... that is ONE item of $20 or less at most twice a month! I am already shaking just thinking about it. I mean REALLY?! When right now I can go and buy me a $300 purse (but in reality I really don't)... I've always been a wise shopper. I don't like buying retail unless it is something I cannot live without. So I ALWAYS head over to the clearance racks and find me some awesome deals. And I usually do, problem is I find way too many and end up spending more than what I originally planned. My friends say the good finds have a knack of finding their way to me. Sigh. I miss it already and I haven't even started.

I look at my closet and I see so many wonderful items. I really don't need anything else (yeah right). RIGHT??

My plan is to reuse every single item in there to satisfy my style AND minimize shoppping. Maybe, just MAYBE, I can even inspire someone out there.

Hence, sober fashionista is created. Hi, my name is Ann. I am a shopaholic (of clearance items). I have been sober for ZERO days. Clap. Clap.


  1. Weeeelcome Ann! Just find you via Kendi, items and prints in your closet look very interesting, can't wait to see what you'll come up with, hope you enjoy being a blogger as much as I do!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  2. Hi Cess! Thanks! :) I think I will enjoy this... Now I am off to check out your blog! :)

  3. Hi Ann! Love your blog. I too am a self-confessed shopaholic of clearance items as well. I find it such a success finding the best deal I can. Just reading your first blog inspired me already. :) I will be your avid follower from now on!

  4. Thanks Lori! :) I am still trying to sober up LOL!