Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday is my Monday

When people leave early or most are on vacation, that is when I go into the office! I spend my afternoon in my cubicle while Sophia is in Daddy day care. I call this my "break" and the one chance I get to dress up a little bit.

Today's closet item is this printed dress. I LOVE ZARA period. I shop clearance with the exception of Zara and Forever 21 (they sell their clothes fairly cheap already). Through the years I've collected pieces from Zara that I think will last forever (as long as I remain a size 2 and my feet don't grow any bigger). Some of them I got on sale most of them retail. But of course I wouldn't buy a $79 plain cotton shirt. I bought this dress right before I found out I was pregnant. So more than 2 years later I fit in them again! It was warm today - 92F! I wore this light sweater at work to make it appropriate for the office.


  1. ...I like this outfit Ann, especially the bag!:-)

  2. love this spring outfit!!!