Friday, September 30, 2011

Leopard anyone?

I wanted to wear red today... with a scarf.. and a trench coat... but I don't think I could pull it off when it's still in the upper 80's outside! So I will reserve that outfit next month when it is cooler (I can only hope)! This 3-digit weather is really getting old!

So I went with this blouse from Zara instead to pair with these leopard loafers (courtesy of Wanted). These shoes (from their Fall line) are as comfortable as they look! I can already see it as part of my Fall wardrobe. I am not surprised that it is a hot seller right now. Plus the fact that it is faux pony hair makes me like it even more!

I added a little pop of orange to this outfit. The other bracelet is actually a necklace that I just wrapped around my hand. And since I will be out tonight to meet up with some friends, I get to wear a blazer! :)

Happy weekend!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I had to look up "Chiffon" on to make sure there were two "f's"! :)

I am loving chiffon lately and I own a few pieces. This Zara dress was on sale (of course!) back in 2009. I clearly remember how much it was - $19.99 (used to be $79.99)! Woot! I paired it with some blue today and very little makeup. Honestly, I don't wear a lot of makeup. Just the basic stuff - foundation, blush and lip gloss. For one thing, I was never really good at it. Secondly, my hubby prefers the natural look (good thing!) :)

P.S. please excuse my goofy smile on the third photo... trying to look natural and posing in front of the camera is quite difficult :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My love for the word SALE

Three items from this outfit are less than $20! Today's closet item is this dark gray shirt from Gap I bought two weeks ago. It was only $14.47 (used to be $40+). It has a drape-y (not sure that is even a word but anyways) neckline at the back which makes it a not-so-ordinary shirt. I also like the design on the front and how the back has a longer cut.

This Calvin Klein hat was on sale for $19.99 plus an additional extra "early bird" percentage off from last year's black friday sale. I forgot how much it came down to but I am pretty sure it was less than $15 with tax. And yes I was at the outlet mall at 5am that day! :)

The BEST sale item from this outfit are these Steve Madden boots! I love how they were purposely worn in to make it look "old". More than a year ago, we decided to stroll around the Galleria in Houston while visiting in-laws. I saw these at the Steve Madden store on clearance for $19.99! They were the last pair in my size. How lucky can I get! :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pecan Street Festival

"The Pecan Street Festival is a free, bi-annual juried arts and crafts festival held on 6th Street in Austin, Texas.The show features artisans from all over the United States who display and sell homemade art and craftwork. Festival goers can find paintings, sculpture, woodwork, candles, jewelry, cowboy hats, home decor, games, and other useful and whimsical household items."

You can check out their website here. Their were so many jewelry vendors I couldn't decide which one to purchase. I went home with a $10 ceramic ring. As you can see below, I had lots of fun walking around taking snapshots of anything that looked interesting.

 Lovely leather bracelets made in the USA (left)
A unique way to re-use those candy wrappers! (right)

 The colored soaps looked yummy enough to eat! (left)

 Yummy crispy, twirly fries!

 Unique tea cup bird feeders (right)

 I am loving those black and yellow paw shoes! :)

Someone did not want to be photographed! :)

Blues clues

Austin had its famous Pecan Street Festival during the weekend and we decided to hop on over there and check it out. I had a ton of fun taking photos of colorful things around me amidst the 95 degree weather. I will post those photos on my next post.

I decided to wear this blue romper from Forever 21. As usual, it was on sale last year and it was the last one. I was too excited that I didn't notice the strings were missing until I got home and tried it on again! I couldn't return it since it was on final sale. Not to self: CHECK every inch of the garment before purchasing! So far, I've managed to to wear it with belts so it's all good.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

$20 deal - Juicy bangle

When I started this blog I had a goal to spend $20 or less on shopping at most twice a month as soon as I become a stay home mom. I have not quite gotten to that point yet (YES IT IS HARD - what in the world was i thinking??!) but I know I will get there. I keep reminding myself that I really don't need anything else. "No shopping" is the ultimate goal.

Starting this week, I will share my twenty-dollar deal finds. I'm not quite sure what my style is in fashion. It's a little bit of everything I guess - classic, bohemian, preppy, fashionista, surfer chick, stay-home/soccer mom. So when I see something that attracts my attention, affordable and can work with a lot of pieces in my closet, then it's sold.

This orange Juicy Couture leather bangle was originally $68. It went on sale for $29.99. I received a "Friends with benefits" additional 30% off coupon via email. So I went online and saw this. With the sale plus the coupon, it went down to $20.99! The only problem I had was the $8.95 shipping fee. So I paid a visit to the store yesterday and voila - they had the last orange one on the mannequin! It has sold out online, but if there is a store near you and you like it too, check it out. It comes in other colors. Their additional 30% off promo ends tomorrow.

Friday, September 23, 2011

In shades of pink and gray

Today I decided to play around with clothes and accessories I haven't worn for a while. And since we are still on summer mode, I might as well take advantage of it and wear more dresses. I bought this dress at Forever 21 almost two years ago. It was the last one PLUS it was on sale. I love the word SALE! :)

It already has a lot of things going on by itself so I just wore it with simple pearl earrings and this headband (which was on clearance during a black friday sale). The photos make it look like the dress is blue/puple but it actually is dark gray (as shown on the detail photos).

Happy weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Into the green

It was one of those days where I just wanted to dress up with nothing really going on. I decided to go stroll around at the mall. Three women walked up to me and asked me where I got my shoes. The Zara store here did not have it at the time I wanted them. Their online store was not live yet. So I did get these shoes in the store but halfway around the world during a visit to my hometown! :)