Saturday, September 24, 2011

$20 deal - Juicy bangle

When I started this blog I had a goal to spend $20 or less on shopping at most twice a month as soon as I become a stay home mom. I have not quite gotten to that point yet (YES IT IS HARD - what in the world was i thinking??!) but I know I will get there. I keep reminding myself that I really don't need anything else. "No shopping" is the ultimate goal.

Starting this week, I will share my twenty-dollar deal finds. I'm not quite sure what my style is in fashion. It's a little bit of everything I guess - classic, bohemian, preppy, fashionista, surfer chick, stay-home/soccer mom. So when I see something that attracts my attention, affordable and can work with a lot of pieces in my closet, then it's sold.

This orange Juicy Couture leather bangle was originally $68. It went on sale for $29.99. I received a "Friends with benefits" additional 30% off coupon via email. So I went online and saw this. With the sale plus the coupon, it went down to $20.99! The only problem I had was the $8.95 shipping fee. So I paid a visit to the store yesterday and voila - they had the last orange one on the mannequin! It has sold out online, but if there is a store near you and you like it too, check it out. It comes in other colors. Their additional 30% off promo ends tomorrow.

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