Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Farewell lunch

My former colleagues threw me a farewell lunch today. The pending lunch that was supposed to happen 3 weeks ago. But time did not permit it then. I woke up at 10am due to jet lag and with no breakfast in my tummy - I WAS HUNGRY! Kona Grill did a good job filling it up though! I do miss my colleagues, they've always been fun to work with.

I decided to wear this blouse from H&M today. First of all, it was on sale for $10! Secondly, I love how it is longer at the back than normal. Thirdly, I needed to wear something to hide my hungry belly AFTER the damage was done! Oh and excuse the messy hair, I took these photos after lunch when it was 100F outside! That darn humidity always ruins everything!

Monday, June 20, 2011

On being a shoeholic and jetlagged

So it's been three days (well 2 1/2 days) since we got back and our jet lag is terrible. We had a fun and stressful trip. And along the way, I still managed to snag a few good items. Among these items are these shoes. I am a self-confessed shoeholic (my new word!).

On our way back, I stayed with my sis in LA for a few days. We do not have an H&M in Austin, so I had to visit the store. I got me a few good deals plus these blue sandals for only $15! Perfect for the summer!

These wedges were gifted by a friend from Singapore. Charles and Keith is a brand that originated from Singapore (if I am not mistaken). I've purchased shoes from them shown here. Thank you again Karen! :)

And of course I couldn't pass up Zara. A few items caught my attention but I left the store with just these! Yay to me! :)

I never really shopped Nordstrom's half year sale. I don't usually see anything I liked that was really worth getting. Until I saw these Coach wedges. They fit my feet like a glove and they are super comfortable. Plus they were the last pair in my size so off it went into my shopping bag.

Starting today, I am an official stay home mom. So definitely no more shopping for me. Excluding groceries and baby stuff, I will stick to my goal at why I really started this blog. So let me re-introduce myself - my name is Ann... I am a shopaholic... and I have been sober for 0 days! Clap clap!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

In the tropics

While I am away from this blog, this is what I have been doing... watching the sunset, basking in the sun and island hopping... my outfit posts will be back to normal starting June 20... :)