Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Farewell lunch

My former colleagues threw me a farewell lunch today. The pending lunch that was supposed to happen 3 weeks ago. But time did not permit it then. I woke up at 10am due to jet lag and with no breakfast in my tummy - I WAS HUNGRY! Kona Grill did a good job filling it up though! I do miss my colleagues, they've always been fun to work with.

I decided to wear this blouse from H&M today. First of all, it was on sale for $10! Secondly, I love how it is longer at the back than normal. Thirdly, I needed to wear something to hide my hungry belly AFTER the damage was done! Oh and excuse the messy hair, I took these photos after lunch when it was 100F outside! That darn humidity always ruins everything!

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