Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Feeling blue and lazy

No excuses here... I have just been really lazy lately! I think our trip on the other side of the world burned me out. Two and a half weeks with an 18 month old was too definitely too short to just relax. Plus, it has been over 100 degrees here everyday and because of that I have been going out once a week. I have to force myself to go out before I lose touch of the outside world. :)

I am slowly snapping out of it so please bare with me :) I bought this dress at a store called Lara's in Torrance, CA the day before we flew back home. Not sure if that store is local there, I've never seen it anywhere else. I paired it with the Coach wedges that I got during the Nordstrom half year sale and a couple of bangles from Forever 21 and an orange bead bangle I got in Singapore back in 2006. The earrings are from a long time ago bought in a flea market.

So I am not really feeling blue... just lazy... but I have been obsessing over charm bracelets lately. So, thanks to hubby, I got me one of those that come in a blue box. My first Tiffany. :) Now I need three charms to go on there. What gift-worthy occasions are coming up... hmmm... birthday is not till next year... Valentines is just right after the birthday... I guess Christmas is the closest one.


  1. for being unmotivated, you sure do look lovely! and that bracelet...how beautiful. what a great gift!

  2. Thanks Megan/Nora! :) I need to motivate myself some more! :)