Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pack rat

The only thing I hate about traveling is packing. Just four more days to go before our trip and I HAVE NOTHING PACKED. Sigh. I've spent nearly 3 days now just trying to figure out what to bring for myself. I still have two more other people to pack for. And I am simply amazed at how much stuff is needed for an 18 month old!

So the other day I mentioned that this week will be REALLY busy. Meaning my outfits will look mostly like this, in 100 degree weather (yes today was 103F!), while getting stuff done. So I apologize in advance that I will not be able to post daily for the next 3 weeks. I will try to post as much as I can when I am on the other side of the world. Things should be back to normal around here on the third week of June. I can't wait to lay on that white sand, play with my toddler, and just listen to splashing waves! 

Shorts: Forever 21
Shirt: Esprit
Shoes: Steve Madden
Watch: DKNY
Bag: Zara

Monday, May 23, 2011

A stripey day

So I was in the mood for more stripes and color blocking today. Our trip is coming up and I have tons to do. One little person needs too many things. This will be the first airplane ride for out little one and it's a 20 hour trip!

Today, and the rest of the week, is pretty much running errands and last minute shopping. Meaning my outfits will be synonyms of comfortable.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Walking tall

One of the many things I am loving about these wedges is that it adds 4 inches to my petiteness! My colleague asked me today if I grew taller. I said yes, overnight!

I bought this blouse two years ago during the black friday sale. I'm pretty sure I got it for less than $10. I thought I'd pair it today with some nice jeans (haven't worn one in a while). And speaking of jeans, I've always wondered why 7 for All Mankind costs so much. This one retails for almost $200. They are just super comfortable, made in the land of the free and snugs in the right places. Need I say more? Did I buy it new? Of course not! These were thrifted for $50. Still a bit high for a thrift item but much better than $200! Plus they were slightly used. Thank you to the previous owner who probably decided it was time to get a new one after about 10 times of wearing them.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Playing dress-up: Prep school style

The new challenge for the Bloggers Do it Better series is the All-American look of menswear-prep. When I found out it was going to be about prep school style I was absolutely clueless! First off, my husband's neckties are way too colorful and none of them matched anything I had. So I knew it was going to be difficult.

I worked around the necktie that I thought would be the easiest to dress with. So I came up with this. Problem is it's 85F outside. There was no way I could have done my errands in a sweater with an additional two layers underneath it. I participated anyway for the fun of it. I'm definitely doing this outfit in the Fall.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Casual stripes

Today has been a really busy day. We had our carpets steam cleaned so I had to break down my studio and move furniture around. Not fun.

But Sunday was a relaxing day. So no this was not my outfit today. I wore this the other day during dinner with some friends. Ruehl shirts have the softest fabric - it feels like you have a fluffy cotton towel wrapped around you (a little exaggeration here). Their shirts are so soft that my husband has invited me to go in there several times while we are window shopping. He hates shopping by the way.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Saturday was an awesome day! Zumba first thing in the morning then a baby shower for a friend in the afternoon.

I won't post my sweaty zumba outfit. The weather was, once again, perfect that day so I wanted to wear my comfy new shoes. This floral dress was a little out of my budget when I bought it early last year. But it was the last one on the rack in my size and it was just begging me to buy her! So, being the nice person that i am, I gave her a new home! She's been really happy so far.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The alphabet

Today is blue sky and sunshine! Perfect weather to wear my new shoes. I've been walking around in them for more than two hours now and my feet are still happy.

I decided to wear them with these bright pants from Gap and this denim shirt from Forever 21. A it's adorable, B it's so beautiful. This whole outfit equals C (for COMFORTABLE). Okay, not quite how the song should go.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Feet

Yesterday I finally received my shoe prize! I won a giveaway last month and chose this pair. Thank you again Indiana of Adored Austin and Wanted!

I am already coming up with so many outfits (in my mind) that I will wear them with. So far, after walking around the house, they seem to be very comfortable. If it doesn't rain the rest of this week, I might just wear these till Sunday! My feet are so happy right now they don't care if their toe nails aren't painted. Neutral is in right??

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Please excuse this wrinkled dress. I hate ironing. My husband hates that I hate ironing. I only iron on occasions that I absolutely need to. Like a formal dinner or a job interview. But on a regular day like today, with a toddler in tow, I leave it as it is. It will eventually get wrinkled anyway.

This month's challenge over at Everybody, Everywear is florals. I've had this dress shirt for over 5 years and the number of times I've worn it can be counted. I never let go of it though. There is something about it that just keeps earning its place in my closet.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The weekend dress

One dress. One weekend. Two ways.

Last Saturday the hubby took me out to dinner to celebrate Mother's Day. He wanted to avoid the mad crowd in restaurants on the day itself. I decided to wear this dress. It is a maternity maxi dress so there was no way I could have worn it without a belt. Total dinner time - about 2 hours. The meal was awesome by the way! Good thing I wore a dress, the creme brule, would have been a button popper!

Since I only wore the dress for 2 hours (and didn't spill anything on it), I decided to wear it again yesterday to go grocery shopping. This white top is a maternity blouse. It was quite nice wearing these maternity clothes again without the bump (and the nausea and the penguin walk)! So the dress was worn for a total of 4 hours. It can now be thrown into my dark colors laundry pile.

I also tried to experiment with a recipe from the Food & Wine cookbook I received from American Express (for free)! Well not totally free, I paid $2.99 for shipping! The dish is called Chicken Sukiyaki and it can also be found here. It was actually good and healthy - low sodium and low fat. I would use regular soy sauce for a not so healthy option :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Friday I'm in love

Cheesy title but I couldn't think of a better one! Okay so it's everyday I'm in love - ahem to hubby: mother's day is on Sunday :)

This blouse was the last one at F21 a couple of months ago when I was browsing around in there. I found it hidden amongst the hundreds of racks in that huge store PLUS it is a size small! Then I saw it featured in either Lucky Magazine or People Style which made me even more happy for such a great find!

These shoes are not exactly the most comfortable to walk around in especially for someone who is not used to wearing high heels (slowly getting out of my comfort zone). But I love them! I fell in love with them the first time I saw it in Singapore about 5 years ago. For some reason, I didn't buy it though. When I left that country, I couldn't stop thinking about them. So what does a shoe addict do? Ask a friend to buy it for her! Yes, all for the love of shoes!