Friday, May 13, 2011

The alphabet

Today is blue sky and sunshine! Perfect weather to wear my new shoes. I've been walking around in them for more than two hours now and my feet are still happy.

I decided to wear them with these bright pants from Gap and this denim shirt from Forever 21. A it's adorable, B it's so beautiful. This whole outfit equals C (for COMFORTABLE). Okay, not quite how the song should go.


  1. Fabulous color combination. And those new shoes are killer!

    14 Shades Of Grey

  2. Thank you Salazar! :) Those shoes are super comfortable!

  3. I'm coveting that faded denim shirt - so perfectly "worn in." Your photos are great - love your backdrop.

  4. A denim shirt and khakis are staple pieces in my closet. The color of these pants is so fresh and one point or spring and the wedges are too cute!

  5. Thank you Melissa! :)

    Katie, yes I love khakis... I'm trying to put a little bit more color in my closet and I love these pants from Gap...