Monday, May 9, 2011

The weekend dress

One dress. One weekend. Two ways.

Last Saturday the hubby took me out to dinner to celebrate Mother's Day. He wanted to avoid the mad crowd in restaurants on the day itself. I decided to wear this dress. It is a maternity maxi dress so there was no way I could have worn it without a belt. Total dinner time - about 2 hours. The meal was awesome by the way! Good thing I wore a dress, the creme brule, would have been a button popper!

Since I only wore the dress for 2 hours (and didn't spill anything on it), I decided to wear it again yesterday to go grocery shopping. This white top is a maternity blouse. It was quite nice wearing these maternity clothes again without the bump (and the nausea and the penguin walk)! So the dress was worn for a total of 4 hours. It can now be thrown into my dark colors laundry pile.

I also tried to experiment with a recipe from the Food & Wine cookbook I received from American Express (for free)! Well not totally free, I paid $2.99 for shipping! The dish is called Chicken Sukiyaki and it can also be found here. It was actually good and healthy - low sodium and low fat. I would use regular soy sauce for a not so healthy option :)


  1. I hoped you had a great Mother’s day! The cobalt blue maxi dress looks great with the statement necklace.

  2. Thank you Katie, I actually had a really great Mother's day/weekend :) The dress is actually purple but it looks blue in these pics :)