Friday, May 20, 2011

Walking tall

One of the many things I am loving about these wedges is that it adds 4 inches to my petiteness! My colleague asked me today if I grew taller. I said yes, overnight!

I bought this blouse two years ago during the black friday sale. I'm pretty sure I got it for less than $10. I thought I'd pair it today with some nice jeans (haven't worn one in a while). And speaking of jeans, I've always wondered why 7 for All Mankind costs so much. This one retails for almost $200. They are just super comfortable, made in the land of the free and snugs in the right places. Need I say more? Did I buy it new? Of course not! These were thrifted for $50. Still a bit high for a thrift item but much better than $200! Plus they were slightly used. Thank you to the previous owner who probably decided it was time to get a new one after about 10 times of wearing them.


  1. I love the blouse it's seems like it would be perfect for the hot weather. You can stay cool and look so chic. Oh and its fun how wedges can make you feel so much taller! Sometimes you need that extra inch.

  2. I really like all of your details included in the post! That belt is amazing, by the way. You look like you're ready for it to be nice!

  3. Katie, yes the blouse is indeed perfect for the hot weather... and I need more than an extra inch! :)

    Sarah, thanks... :) someone actually complimented that belt that day and asked where I got it from...