Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My love for the word SALE

Three items from this outfit are less than $20! Today's closet item is this dark gray shirt from Gap I bought two weeks ago. It was only $14.47 (used to be $40+). It has a drape-y (not sure that is even a word but anyways) neckline at the back which makes it a not-so-ordinary shirt. I also like the design on the front and how the back has a longer cut.

This Calvin Klein hat was on sale for $19.99 plus an additional extra "early bird" percentage off from last year's black friday sale. I forgot how much it came down to but I am pretty sure it was less than $15 with tax. And yes I was at the outlet mall at 5am that day! :)

The BEST sale item from this outfit are these Steve Madden boots! I love how they were purposely worn in to make it look "old". More than a year ago, we decided to stroll around the Galleria in Houston while visiting in-laws. I saw these at the Steve Madden store on clearance for $19.99! They were the last pair in my size. How lucky can I get! :)


  1. just stumbled on your blog! it is precious. definitely following it!

    xoxox lindsey

  2. I love the details on your shirt! I also love sales that's the first place I go when I enter the store.


  3. Just found your lovely blog and am following you now! Love this outfit- simple but fun and classic- and can't wait to see more from you :)

  4. Oh I'm loving that hat! Great look !

    Just started following you and looking forward to next posts!


  5. Thank you Inna and K... I really appreciate it! :)