Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Laziness and patterns

A friend of mine just moved here from halfway around the world and needed to get some furniture. Being the newbie in town, I accompanied her to Ikea - the ultimate furniture shopping place! Not to mention that they have free organic baby food and free diapers in the changing areas! Can't beat that. Oh and they have cheap yummy food too!

So I was lazy to dress up and used this 3/4 sleeve striped shirt. Who dresses up to go to Ikea anyway? Although I have seen women walking around in there in 3 in heels. Eek! Nope not me... I'm a flats girl on  occasions that require 98% walking!

I really didn't need anything at Ikea so the little girl and I just wandered around. I was amused by all the patterns and colors so I played with my camera instead.


  1. Saang flea market yan? Dami mong finds dyan ah! Sa Pinas pa ba?

  2. Amz, yes sa pinas pa... Some in Manila some in Baguio... I've collected them through the years :)

  3. diba uuwi ka? yehey! pasalubong ko hah!