Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Feeling brown

This outfit was inspired by the dish I cooked today... can you guess what color it was?? :)

I love this dress... it was on clearance at Esprit about two years or so ago. And I still cannot believe the Esprit store at the outlet in my area closed! :( They always had good clearance deals!

These earrings are truly vintage. They were my mom's from way back in the 70's and I thought it would be good to wear with this dress. Wrapped a belt around my waist... grabbed my LV... slipped on my nude colored pumps (which are very comfortable by the way)... and got the car inspected. Yes, that was the important errand for today.


  1. i was too was sad when the esprit store closed :( now have to visit san marcos to get a glimpse of their sale rack. too bad they every time i go there nothing good is on sale! :(

  2. Yes the Round Rock store always had good deals! :( San Marcos is too far... but when we go there, we always make sure to stop at Esprit! :)