Friday, October 21, 2011

A love-hate relationship with Anthropologie

I love the clothes at Anthro... but most of the time my wallet hates them because their clothing is a bit expensive! When I go window shopping, I literally just glance at what is inside that store from the window. I don't even bother going in because I know I will only find clothing that I like that is out of my budget.

But last Sunday, when my lovely hubby gave me the day off (meaning he becomes daddy day-care and I can have my "me, myself and I" time), I decided to stroll around in there. It's so much easier anyway without a huge stroller with me! Their sale section was an additional 40% off the lowest ticketed price! I ended up with so much in the fitting room I had to start doing the "need vs. want" debate. So I left the store with these two items.

This black blouse (as worn in my previous post) retails for $98. It was marked down to $49.95. Then further marked down to $29.95. Plus the 40% off, final price was $17.97!

I fell in love with this pink skirt the moment I laid eyes on it! The retail price was $158. It was marked down to $79.95 then further down to $39.95. Plus the additional 40% off, final price was $23.97! Now how can I just walk away from that?! :) 


  1. NO. WAY.

    These are such GREAT deals for great items! I have yet to purchase an item from Anthropologie! I love it but never quite find deals like you did. Plus, my little college mountain town doesn't have one (which could be a good thing)

    Great finds. Looking forward to see what you pair it with :]

    Simply, Melissa Ashley

  2. Thanks Melissa! I went home with a BIG smile last Sunday! Lol!

  3. Wow, amazing finds. I want that skirt! Super chic!!

  4. I pretty much only ever shop major sales at Anthro, but you really can get some great deals like the ones you got. Love your picks- that skirt is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Thanks Inna! I will watch out for their sales from now on! :)

  6. Yay! I only shop there when it's sale time :)