Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Perfect Day

So I was ready for that perfect day last Sunday... and this is what I wore to dinner with some friends.

I found this leather jacket at Wilson's Leather at the Outlet Mall two black fridays ago. It was on clearance plus it was the last one in my size. I love finds like this. I thought it would be great to pair with these cobalt blue pants and booties.

Jacket: Wilson's Leather
Pants: American Eagle
Boots, shirt: Zara


  1. Omg those pants are ah-mazing! Lovely blog you have over here.


  2. Love the pants girl! So cute!

    Stop by my blog soon, I am doing a GREAT giveaway :)

    -xoxo Linds

  3. Thank you Katya and Lindsey! :)

  4. Eeek! Such a nice tee! I really gotta wear my cobalt blue pants too!