Thursday, December 1, 2011

Month of sparkles

December is here! There are lots going on this month. Just 24 more days till Christmas. Next week is my sisters birthday and my 4th wedding anniversary. My daughter is turning two the week before Christmas. Definitely a lot of "sparkles" for me! :)

This was a quick outfit for today to do some errands. I got the shirt from the Black Friday sale at Zara for $15.99. They really didn't have much sale going on. This year I was kind of lazy to do all that black friday shopping so I only stopped by Zara, Anthro, and Forever 21. It was very convenient that they were right next to each other. :)

I thought I'd pair this shirt with these studded oxfords from Wanted. I just love the embellishment on these shoes!


  1. great blazer! this was the one year i was actually off on black friday, and the sales were kinda sucky. i still got a bunch of stuff, but they weren't hugely discounted.

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  2. Thanks! Aside from being lazy for black Friday, I actually was on a shopping ban so I set a budget for myself... And I was happy to be right on budget :)

  3. I have a dark brown cords blazer and didn't really know how to wear it.This look is cute.Hope you don't mind if I copy it.

  4. Maja, thanks! Go ahead, I'm glad I gave you an idea :)